We don’t see with our eyes we perceive with our mind.

By making this distinction we can more easily understand the ways that we view the world. Our eyes give us a raw input. Since this is simply just wavelengths of light our brain is what makes sense of it, and to simplify this process our mind looks for familiar patterns.

This in and of itself isn’t a bad thing. It can actually be quite beneficial in reducing the energy used in simply perceiving the world. However it also clouds us from properly seeing that which isn’t already obvious to us.

We do this with every piece of input given to us.

By understanding the difference between input and perception we can at least try to recognise when we are relying on known patterns and when we should be trying to further understand something new. Our perception filters should especially questioned when it comes to people. Relying on existing patterns when thinking of complex and intelligent beings is not a very good idea, though the mind will still try. It’s best to bypass this.

Sometimes we should just stop and see the world with the eye’s of a child.
As if for the first time; with no filters.


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