I Got A House!

It’s been almost a fortnight since my last post.

The reason for that is that my life has been very much on hiatus, waiting to get to Brisbane and start University. I’ve been doing very little other than house hunting and lazing if I’m going to be honest.

But… Me and the family have found a place to live, and we are signing a lease today. Venturing down to the city to put pen to paper and open this new chapter.

Chapter 2

It’s all becoming very real now. I think the small town mentality is beginning to lift and the world is opening up.
When you’re in a small town, it’s easy to be content with a simple grind, however now moving into the bigger world, I definitely want more. Looking forward to building a network through uni, and seeing not only my future grow, but watching others bloom into life around me.

Honestly one of my favourite things in life is to see happiness around me. When you’re out and you see people enjoying the night, dancing and just letting go of the hardships that weigh down their minds usually. Giving themselves the freedom to fly.


It’s beautiful.

Any way, off to the real estate.

Intelligere, ictum, et memoria.
Stay Beautiful friends.


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