House Hunting

House hunting and preparing for Uni has made everyone in my household go a little crazy. Tensions are high and honestly at some point or other each of us has felt like giving up and just stagnating in regional Queensland.

For the past month my family and friend have been searching for a house in Brisbane (The state capital). In this time we’ve found out that:

Real Estates live in a completely different world to the rest of us. Where we see small, they see quaint or cosy, and when they say a house has character, that character is usually a whole bunch of Mickey Mice in the walls.

It’s hard to get approved for a tenancy, when you have no income yet on paper.

Just because a house has low rent does not mean it’s going to be worth living in. The same goes that a house with higher rent is not always better.8654f7242d6b73a59a93ea702cd47e52

You should always double check the time of an inspection before arriving at the property. Arriving an hour early is awful in the summer heat, and if you haven’t noticed the heat wave in Queensland, you either don’t live here, or you  should probably see a doctor..

Another thing I noticed is that city traffic is largely different to traffic elsewhere, in the way that it is far more aggressive and as such stresses the driver out more than anything else. Good thing I wasn’t driving because it takes some precision wheelwork to avoid catastrophe at times.

All in all, it’s been an enlightening experience. The next step is, finding a place and moving in, which may sadly include settling for something less than a palace.

Looking forward to living in Brisbane. I like the bustle; it’s good to be able to see progress at work. Brisbane is a city under construction, and we get to see it grow, even cultivate that growth.


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