Moving Forward

Hello World

Isn’t that the customary beginning to a new language.

That’s what I’m doing here, learning the language of the blogger and showing the world me, and my experience. Raw and (mostly) uncut.

In just a month I will be starting University. This is a big moment in my life. Everything is changing, and I can’t wait. This blog is going to be a record of my life and my growth through uni. Here you’ll see me getting involved in the QUT uni life. Learning both in and out of lectures. Attending leadership events and joining clubs, I will be building my new life in Brisbane.quotes-about-moving-forward-0001-6

I’ve taken this moment to evaluate my social media presence, and I’ve realized that it hasn’t been me. So I’ve taken some time to overhaul it. Now all you’ll see of me, is my brand, authentically Cody. I look forward to learning what that means.

Moving forward, ever onward.

I’m going to go ahead and introduce myself properly.

I’m Cody. First Year Bachelor of Engineering (Hon.s)/Mathematics Student. QUT STEM Camp Alumni. Aspiring Entrepeneur.

The phrase in the side bar, Intelligere, ictum, et memori, is a mantra I’ve been building throughout High School. Translated it means “To Understand, To Impact, and To Be Remembered.” This to me is all we can aim for in life, so it is what I focus on.

It’s important to me to understand the world around me; the people, the places and the goings on. One should always be asking why, because by understanding we can make the right choices in every situation.

Impacting the world around us is the closest man can come to the divine. People underestimate the power of their influence. Most notably US president Trump doesn’t realize the dangers of speaking without thinking, and as such has indirectly given a feeling of power to racist and bigoted groups in the US. One day I hope to build up the ability to impact my world in such a way that I can shape it for the better.

We cannot be sure that there is an afterlife, however we can ensure that we live on in the memories of others. Our legacy is all that we will be when we are gone and so we need to be sure to be visible, and to be positive. We are what people remember us as.

So onward I move. Learning through life. Meeting people and enjoying my new connections. Making memories.

So join me on my journey into uni life.

Cody Smith-Cripps ~ Future Leader?


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